Wednesday, March 16, 2005

woot! woot!

toronto - across the 'pond' the patriate aozora girl went to the theatre tonight as well! her friend discovered that the limited run musical 'wicked', despite being sold out for it's 7 week run, saves 20 seats a night to sell to people who get their name drawn if they enter the 'wicked' lottery. tonight there were at least 80 people lined up to enter up to two names. chances for tickets went down from 1 in 4 to 1 in 8. patriate aozora girl attempted not to get her hopes up and started to think about activities she could do when she got home after her name and her friend's name were not drawn. she didn't have to think very long - patriate aozora girl's name was the fourth name drawn! the seats were box seats, quite close to the stage.

"the musical was witty and extremely well written, carefully integrating details from the 'wizard of oz' into 'the story line," patriate aozora girl told reporters.

"i always love stories about strong-willed, non-conformist, underdogs."

"the set and costume designs were gorgeous," added patriate aozora girl's friend.

unfortunately neither of the friends would disclose any detail about the story. they were worried that their comments would spoil the show for others.


Myae said...

wow! another win for hyedie!!

Anonymous said...

26 from 27? You'll find out. I'd hate to spoil the ending for you :)

The show sounds interesting. I hope it tours

Happy St. Patrick's Day!