Monday, March 7, 2005

i had a great weekend and i still don't want it to end, although i'm going to be paying for it at work tomorrow... to uplift my temporary singleton living (i don't think i could ever live alone) i decided to host a girl's night potluck last night, so before heading out to the spring fesitval at the JCCC i was madly running around the apartment putting things away (ie. hiding), sweeping the floors, dusting and recycling. although dinner was served 45 minutes later than scheduled (b/c i had chosen to contribute 2 entree dishes and was still cooking when the last guest arrived) we had a lot of fun. the food highlights were j's yummy fruit salad and the dufflet tarts the k brought. everybody liked my yakisoba!

today i went to see a movie all by myself! as silly as it sounds i couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious reading my book while waiting for the curtain to rise. i watched la mala educacion. b is right, gael garcia bernal must eat acting for breakfast! although i don't agree with the people that say that bernal makes a beautiful woman, his 'zahara' was ooozing with sexiness. as bernal said in a now magazine interview, "it was about finding that inner transvestite that we all have."

i wish i could speak spanish, though. it's hard to take in a movie with rich colours and visuals like 'bad education' when you are busy reading the subtitles.


Anonymous said...

Living alone? I wasn't aware of that...but then I'm unaware of a lot of things.

Do we have something equivalent to the JCCC here in Richmond/Vancouver?

-Anonymous the First

happyd said...

hi anonymous the first,

the only thing similar in vancouver that i know is the 'tonari gumi'

jccc is huge! i've never seen a community centre the size of the jccc in vancouver.

bianca said...

lately, i've been doing so many things on my own -- but such is the london way, as friends often live or work hours apart. movies, restaurants, parks, cafes, concerts -- everywhere you see people on their own. it's not like vancouver where you're WEIRD if you're caught alone!

i noticed last week, after spending some major "full-time" hanging out with a friend, that i perhaps enjoy solitude a little too much. in fact, i needed a good week of alone-time to recover from having someone in my space all the time. is that normal?? hm, well i've never been much for mainstream anyway. ;)

happyd said...

i initially went to the movie alone b/c i needed some down time from people! i think it's pretty normal.

i just felt silly for being highly aware that i was alone, when it shoudn't be a big deal at all.

[The User] said...

huh, I wonder what it's like to be so self-conscious about being alone. I guess a lot of people must be pointing at me behind my back and going '..who's that WEIRDO', maybe I should move outta Vancouver.

happyd said...

yes neil they are pointing at you and laughing hysterically behind your back, you being an uber nice and v. cool guy. .... right.


[The User] said...

heehee.. thanks happyd. You know, I was being facetious.

(ooh someone deleted their comment, I wonder what it was?)