Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bianca's new art site

bianca is modest and for some reason didn't want to share her new website here!

please visit her new site that showcases her beautiful work: bianca loves art

Friday, June 18, 2010

3rd toronto girls' cupcake ride!

cupcake ride promo cards

since my last cupcake ride report, my little facebook group has grown to 150+ now!

tonight on a bike month bike ride (andre and i participated in a west-end community gardens bike tour) i met a girl who saw the cupcake ride group back when there were only 6 members and decided not to join because she thought the group was created just for friends!

i gave her a promo card and asked her to join the group so that she can get details on our upcoming rides.

AND! in other exciting news, my friend has started a bay area cupcake ride as well! if you know of anyone in the san francisco, orinda or berkeley area, please send them the link!

an actual website is in the works and ms. sonya will be joining me in updating the site with cupcake ride news.

so the 3rd cupcake ride is this sunday!!

sadly we had to push the date back to be on father's day, because of thundershower forecasts, but hopefully we'll still have girls come out for a long, but fun ride!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

it's ice-cream season!

it's ice cream season!

some of my favourites for this season!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

madrid in february

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

The Crystal Palace, Retiro Park

buildings along the Gran Via

feels like a long time ago, but things i remember:

  • eating the most delicious tapas at the mercado (market) de san miguel
  • picasso's guernica and velazquez's las meninas (still can't believe i've seen them in the flesh, after studying them in books for so long!)
  • being asked to stay after the prado (the art museum) closed to take part in some promotional filming -- still no idea if we made the cut!
  • eating dinner at 9pm every night
  • the magnificent crystal palace in retiro park
  • dipping freshly made churros into thick hot chocolate -- the place to have it has to be the chocolateria de san gines, a dedicated chocolate con churro hang out

more photos here

Friday, June 4, 2010

cupcake ride press!

wow! in less than 24 hours my little cupcake ride facebook group went from 16 to 54 members!


we got some press in the toronto star!!