Tuesday, June 8, 2010

madrid in february

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

The Crystal Palace, Retiro Park

buildings along the Gran Via

feels like a long time ago, but things i remember:

  • eating the most delicious tapas at the mercado (market) de san miguel
  • picasso's guernica and velazquez's las meninas (still can't believe i've seen them in the flesh, after studying them in books for so long!)
  • being asked to stay after the prado (the art museum) closed to take part in some promotional filming -- still no idea if we made the cut!
  • eating dinner at 9pm every night
  • the magnificent crystal palace in retiro park
  • dipping freshly made churros into thick hot chocolate -- the place to have it has to be the chocolateria de san gines, a dedicated chocolate con churro hang out

more photos here

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happyd said...

gorgeous photos, b~

looks like you had a marvelous time :)

can't wait to check out your vancouver lomo pics!