Friday, November 12, 2010


throw my ball!

winter is definitely on it's way!

this little hound isn't scared of the cold, though. he revels in it because cool temps means he can play fetch for longer without getting overheated.

... and from the wise words of ross porter, "keep warm, stay cool and take care of the ones you love."

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


can you guess what i was for halloween?

broken social scene!!!
broken social scene from only 5 feet away

parts and labour
i loved the pendant lamps at the venue

fellow cupcake rider, lee, entered a contest for a trip for two to san francisco. in addition to the trip, the top four contestants were invited to a private, VIP broken social scene concert and they were allowed to bring 11 of their friends!

lucky for andre and i, we were included in lee's group of 11 and had an absolutely amazing night of great food and an open bar. and because the audience was so small, when lee invited me to stand infront of her to get a better view of the band, people saw what she was doing and everyone around her let me sneak past them so that i could be right in front of the stage!

it was a night that i'll never forget.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

more bike riding

i'm so glad andre and i took an afternoon off to bike through the don valley ravine trail two weeks ago. that afternoon was one of the last nice, afternoons where we could take in all the fall colours.

today i drove down the don valley parkway and all the beautiful fall leaves were gone. the weather has turned colder these days too and now biking with gloves is a requirement.

i'm also glad that i lugged my camera around that day to record our epic ride (33kms!) so that during the grey days of winter, i can bring up these photos and remember how nice it used to be.