Friday, February 25, 2005

illustration friday topic: sorrow
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drown your sorrows


my mac-ey mac is at the apple computer hospital. it had been overheating and the fan would constantly run even when doing simple tasks like 'net browsing. so i took it in and they are going to replace the logic board. i'm so lucky it's still under warranty.

which got me thinking that i probably should invest in the extended applecare protection. a friend's friend bought the applecare and right before the 3 year warranty wore off his g3 ibook fizzled and apple gave him a brand-spanking new g4 ibook! what a deal.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


over the weekend i finally watched 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' in the theatre room of our buildling. the movie was really great and i really liked the themes that it touched on (fate, uncontrollable attraction, jealousy). i also liked the movie b/c despite the sadness there is a lot of hope and optimism. yet i found myself burping a lot through the movie. i was starting to feel really queazy and it wasn't until 3/4 of the way through that i realized that michel gondry's wibbly/bouncy/unstable hand-held handicam cinematography technique was making me motion sick. (everybody seems surprised when i say this, but i didn't even feel this sick watching the blair witch project)


my lovely supercapacity desktop calendar arrived! such nice holga pics.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

critiques please.

this week's topic is flight.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

yes (you guessed it!) i'm sick again! this time with the flu. at least i got to see keane on sunday night before becoming bed-ridden :P wow! tom chaplin can sing, he sounds better in person than he does on the album. and not to discredit richard hughs on the drums but tim rice-oxley really is amazing on the keyboards (flailing arms and sweaty brow included). listening to the album i didn't realize it was just three instruments - vocals, drums and keyboards. the music is so full and rich with so little instruments. crazy. AND they were SO thankful. the number of time tom chaplin thanked toronto for coming out, supporting the band through the year with their debut album, strangely made me feel very humbled.

waiting in -10 weather was definitely worth it.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

gong hey fat choy! this week's illustration friday topic is 'the year of the rooster'.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

50/50 tickets! get your 50/50 tickets here and support kids help phone!"

i thought for sure by the end of the night, after yelling out to potential gamblers to purchase 50/50 tickets from us i would lose my voice. fortunately i didn't, but i'm dead tired. amazingly our group of 30 or so volunteers (including 'a' and myself) were able to raise over $6000 in a little under 2 hours at the raptor's game tonight. half of the pot goes to raptor's foundation charities, which includes kids help phone. after our stint we went up to a box and received free pizza and drinks. humm quite satisfying~

on another note i only have 16 days left before my lomo coupons expire ... should i go for a camera that will be free but takes those cheesy 4-in-1 pics or should i pay an extra $35US to get a russian deadstock with a rangefinder? i think i know the answer, but i don't want to shell out the extra cash.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

over the weekend i finished 'the time traveler's wife' and as i mentioned before, whenever i finish a book (a good book) i feel like the characters from the book have suddenly died and have been taken abruptly away from my life. so in my quest to quench my thirst of all things clare, henry and audrey niffenegger, i turned to my favourite entertainment tool (the 'net) and found some interviews with audrey niffenegger:

despite the fantastical feat of time travel the amount of everyday detail that niffenegger put into the lives of clare and henry really grounded this book. reading the book you can tell that niffenegger knows about paper making, she loves music and she's lived in chicago. i also like the fact that clare is an artist, although, i would have liked a bit more insight into her art and her reasons for creating.

hmmm, maybe i'll read the book again, but this time around i'll skip out on the truly sad parts. even though 'a' has said that he will read this book, i want him to start now! (mr. wong when are you coming to TO? heh heh heh)

Saturday, February 5, 2005

a very tardy illustration friday submission. ah well. this week's topic is 'friendship'.

this illo is loosely based on my high school friends.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

i * think * i may have had a ghostly encounter at the ski chalet this past weekend. my reaction to this encounter was not how i imagined i would react in this kind of situation.

a couple times while sitting on the picnic table-type bench, while watching and learning how to play euchre, the bench suddenly felt as though some sort of metal had been released and was reverberating against the wood. once it happened when i was sitting alone and the other time it happened while 2 other people were sitting on it; however, they didn't even look up from their game to acknowledge this impact when i stopped reading my book and looked up. strange.

but the weirdest occurence was on saturday afternoon, while i was blow drying my hair alone in the bathroom. there are two bathrooms in this particular chalet and the one that i was in is connected to a dry sauna. the door to the sauna was open and the light was on in the room. suddenly i see this white t-shirt-esque object fly back and forth in the sauna room, from the reflection in the mirror that i'm using.

'hm, strange, i didn't think anyone was in there,' i thought and went to check the sauna room. the room was empty. there wasn't anything or anyone in there, yet i clearly saw a white object swish back and forth, past the door. it was the strangest thing!

i wasn't creeped out by this event and calmly went back to styling my hair and as if it were the most logical thing to think, thought to myself that the t-shirt-esque object must be a ghost. ho hum. i wasn't scared and i didn't get the heeby-jeebies that i'm giving myself as i recount this story right now.

i'm a little disappointed that my first posssible ghostly encounter wasn't more dramatic like cole's in 'the sixth sense' - but i should be careful for what a wish for ...