Wednesday, February 9, 2005

50/50 tickets! get your 50/50 tickets here and support kids help phone!"

i thought for sure by the end of the night, after yelling out to potential gamblers to purchase 50/50 tickets from us i would lose my voice. fortunately i didn't, but i'm dead tired. amazingly our group of 30 or so volunteers (including 'a' and myself) were able to raise over $6000 in a little under 2 hours at the raptor's game tonight. half of the pot goes to raptor's foundation charities, which includes kids help phone. after our stint we went up to a box and received free pizza and drinks. humm quite satisfying~

on another note i only have 16 days left before my lomo coupons expire ... should i go for a camera that will be free but takes those cheesy 4-in-1 pics or should i pay an extra $35US to get a russian deadstock with a rangefinder? i think i know the answer, but i don't want to shell out the extra cash.

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Anonymous said...

If money is for spending then wouldn't not spending it be wasting it? (Got to love Oscar Wilde)

So many posts all of a sudden. You're spoiling me... It will be a let down if you don't continue this way!