Monday, June 29, 2009

my new bike - part II

before and after

flip flop hub

my new rear wheel!!!

so after that first celebratory post about a new bike, i have another new one!

andre spent his whole saturday cleaning and converting this old 'freespirit' ladies' road bike to a single gear bicycle for me. riding my clunky ccm bike, i realized that riding upright is so nice! so my new bike has:

- a new flip flop rear wheel (it can be flipped to be either a fixie or a single gear
- newish front wheel
-new upright handle bars and grips

and now, instead of huffing and puffing trying to keep with andre on a super heavy bike (sorry ccm), or pedaling with little result (sorry mountain bike), i can smoothly keep up with him. yay!

i just have to make sure to be careful over the streetcar tracks. biking along queen st. the other day with myae, i almost wiped out crossing spadina. the cars behind me must have gasped as i slid sideways with my right leg up at 45 degrees trying not to hit the pavement.

some cool websites of girls who are into bikes (most seem to ride fixies - which i'm too scared to do):

- sayacafe - is staring a bike shop in japan
- charakichi (bike crazy in japanese): girls on bikes!
- paris cupcake girls ride
- fixed gear girl taiwan

Monday, June 22, 2009

a new bicycle

my new bike


ccm imperial

my current $99 mountain bike has served me very well for the past 4 years. andre, however, recently purchased a new mountain bike and also made himself a very cool fixed gear road bike. and now he is obsessed with bikes and wants to make a fixed gear bike for me!

we were all set on trying to find a lightweight mountain bike frame (sadly i'm too short for a real road bike and kids' road bikes just aren't the same), but stumbled upon a garage sale today and on a whim purchased this 1967 CCM bike.

i'm still contemplating on whether i should spruce it up with new parts, or just clean it, get andre to tune it for me and ride it as is. in terms of weight and speed, so far it doesn't feel much different from my mountain bike. in terms of ride height and body position, however, there is a big difference.

either way, we've now added yet another hobby to our long list of recreational pastimes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a blast from the past

a blast from the past


'i thee web' press kit

bee and me

one of my most favourite past times is reminiscing. during my life long project called 'attempt at decluttering' i found some old 'i thee web' marketing collateral.

miz bee and i created these (well she did almost all the writing and designing, i did more of the production) over 6 years ago now. we were so hungry for any design work back then. we invested a lot of time and worked so hard, but it didn't feel like work ... probably because of the great company.

we sent those little handmade bags filled with handmade books, talking hearts and business cards to tv show producers, magazines and newspapers as press releases. we landed 2 tv interviews and a mention in the real weddings.

we also went to wedding shows where vendors could have tables for free and we stood outside the big wedding show at the westin bayshore and handed out cards describing our services to attendees heading into the hotel.

and the best part about reminiscing? you get that, wow it seems so long ago yet just like yesterday feeling.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

can't. wait.

warning: an image heavy post

as a beatles fanatic, the release of the beatles' rock band trailer totally made my day.

i am thoroughly impressed with the 3d models and the animation. the attention to detail, from the way they move to how rock band animated the exact way the beatles run into the budokan stadium is amazing. all the clothing and facial hair is perfect for each performance/concert. and to think that we can try to attempt and sing these songs in 3 part harmony!

the other bonus? the actual masters were used to create the game!!

so go check out the trailer yourself!!