Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a blast from the past

a blast from the past


'i thee web' press kit

bee and me

one of my most favourite past times is reminiscing. during my life long project called 'attempt at decluttering' i found some old 'i thee web' marketing collateral.

miz bee and i created these (well she did almost all the writing and designing, i did more of the production) over 6 years ago now. we were so hungry for any design work back then. we invested a lot of time and worked so hard, but it didn't feel like work ... probably because of the great company.

we sent those little handmade bags filled with handmade books, talking hearts and business cards to tv show producers, magazines and newspapers as press releases. we landed 2 tv interviews and a mention in the real weddings.

we also went to wedding shows where vendors could have tables for free and we stood outside the big wedding show at the westin bayshore and handed out cards describing our services to attendees heading into the hotel.

and the best part about reminiscing? you get that, wow it seems so long ago yet just like yesterday feeling.


Anonymous said...

Has it been 6 years already? Time flies when you're growing old

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Great press kit! It's always nice to watch a business grow. It's even nicer to look back and see how far we've come.

bianca said...

gahh!! yes, blast from the past! i used to love "century gothic" font... now i never use it. it was definitely a great learning experience, though, and i was so proud to be working with hyedie on our own little business. hopefully some day we'll be in the same city and able to do some collaborative work again :)