Monday, December 31, 2007

about hyedie

hyedie is a graphic designer by day and web-junkie/jack of all trades art maker by night. after years of grumbling about her day job, she finally realized that the 9-5, monday to friday job just isn't for her. so she made the leap into freelancing and despite the very unsteady pay, is loving it.

when hyedie isn't in front of her imac, trolling through the hundreds of craft/art/illustration blogs that she visits daily, she can be found at the park with her boyfriend, playing with their dog; taking naps with her dog on the couch; watching home and garden TV shows or reading and doodling.

originally from vancouver, she now lives in toronto with her boyfriend and ex-hunting beagle.

about bianca

bianca was born and bred in beautiful (and rainy) vancouver, canada. she studied fine arts at the university of british columbia, which eventually landed her a plum job at a call centre. she decided there were bigger adventures to be had -- and in 2004, packed her bags and sketchbooks and headed for bustling (and rainy) london, england with a two-year visa in her passport and a few hundred dollars in her bank account. three-years later, she still lives in "the big smoke" and currently works in graphic design for a fine arts museum.

if bianca didn't need money, she would spend her days painting (preferably next to a window that gets the late afternoon sun), baking cakes and muffins, and cooking yummy meals for friends and family. her favourite gadgets are (in order): her espresso coffee maker, her rice cooker from hong kong, and her lomo from russia (with love).

bianca currently lives in west london, in the top floor flat of a victorian house (where the servants used to live) with a very lovely and patient man, and his seven guitars.

about aozora

bianca and hyedie are two friends, who met in university while studying art in luscious vancouver, bc. although they are now both living away from their hometown, they both keep the city dear to their hearts while working as graphic designers in london (uk) and toronto (ontario) respectively. was originally set up as a space to share their artistic experiments and separate blogs. blog posts dwindled as life became busier, but with this new format they hope to return to blogging and sharing their thoughts and creations.

2008 marks the fifth year that bianca and hyedie have maintained a website together.

clear night and shooting stars... aozora tomorrow.

Monday, March 5, 2007


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aloha from maui~

what a shock to the system, going from -9 to +26 degrees! and now with my christmas present not leaving my side i get to share photos immediately!

tonight we are going for sushi - finally some fresh fish to savour. it's been a while.