Monday, March 5, 2007


Originally uploaded by happy d.

aloha from maui~

what a shock to the system, going from -9 to +26 degrees! and now with my christmas present not leaving my side i get to share photos immediately!

tonight we are going for sushi - finally some fresh fish to savour. it's been a while.



flower87 said...

Nice. Can't see to see your picture over here. Perhaps they have a filter here in UAE as they do in china? Or maybe its just a broken link?

Yes. It is 28 degrees here. Coming from vancouver weather it is quite strange. I did see some pictures on flickr, but I hope to see more pictures soon!

flower87 said...

Yes. I tried to open the link/picture and a bunch of arabic words with the word BLOCKED was in red.

Anonymous said...

wow, a private pond eh? nice nice

[The User] said...

Nice one! Hope you had a great time.