Monday, June 22, 2009

a new bicycle

my new bike


ccm imperial

my current $99 mountain bike has served me very well for the past 4 years. andre, however, recently purchased a new mountain bike and also made himself a very cool fixed gear road bike. and now he is obsessed with bikes and wants to make a fixed gear bike for me!

we were all set on trying to find a lightweight mountain bike frame (sadly i'm too short for a real road bike and kids' road bikes just aren't the same), but stumbled upon a garage sale today and on a whim purchased this 1967 CCM bike.

i'm still contemplating on whether i should spruce it up with new parts, or just clean it, get andre to tune it for me and ride it as is. in terms of weight and speed, so far it doesn't feel much different from my mountain bike. in terms of ride height and body position, however, there is a big difference.

either way, we've now added yet another hobby to our long list of recreational pastimes.


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Anonymous said...

Was it price or the "vintage" thing that made you buy it?

happyd said...

the 'vintage' because from a parts and technology point of view this bike should be $30!!

i sold it yesterday though!