Tuesday, February 15, 2005

yes (you guessed it!) i'm sick again! this time with the flu. at least i got to see keane on sunday night before becoming bed-ridden :P wow! tom chaplin can sing, he sounds better in person than he does on the album. and not to discredit richard hughs on the drums but tim rice-oxley really is amazing on the keyboards (flailing arms and sweaty brow included). listening to the album i didn't realize it was just three instruments - vocals, drums and keyboards. the music is so full and rich with so little instruments. crazy. AND they were SO thankful. the number of time tom chaplin thanked toronto for coming out, supporting the band through the year with their debut album, strangely made me feel very humbled.

waiting in -10 weather was definitely worth it.

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Anonymous said...

What a coincidence...I'm sick too! Cosmic link? Well, next time you know the 6/49 winning numbers link with me again ;-)