Thursday, February 3, 2005

i * think * i may have had a ghostly encounter at the ski chalet this past weekend. my reaction to this encounter was not how i imagined i would react in this kind of situation.

a couple times while sitting on the picnic table-type bench, while watching and learning how to play euchre, the bench suddenly felt as though some sort of metal had been released and was reverberating against the wood. once it happened when i was sitting alone and the other time it happened while 2 other people were sitting on it; however, they didn't even look up from their game to acknowledge this impact when i stopped reading my book and looked up. strange.

but the weirdest occurence was on saturday afternoon, while i was blow drying my hair alone in the bathroom. there are two bathrooms in this particular chalet and the one that i was in is connected to a dry sauna. the door to the sauna was open and the light was on in the room. suddenly i see this white t-shirt-esque object fly back and forth in the sauna room, from the reflection in the mirror that i'm using.

'hm, strange, i didn't think anyone was in there,' i thought and went to check the sauna room. the room was empty. there wasn't anything or anyone in there, yet i clearly saw a white object swish back and forth, past the door. it was the strangest thing!

i wasn't creeped out by this event and calmly went back to styling my hair and as if it were the most logical thing to think, thought to myself that the t-shirt-esque object must be a ghost. ho hum. i wasn't scared and i didn't get the heeby-jeebies that i'm giving myself as i recount this story right now.

i'm a little disappointed that my first posssible ghostly encounter wasn't more dramatic like cole's in 'the sixth sense' - but i should be careful for what a wish for ...


Kuky said...

I don't think that's an abnormal reaction. My family used to live in a house where we saw things. And when we did we wouldn't run screaming out of the room, we were calm. But later talking about it as you said we would get the heeby-jeebies.

Anonymous said...

Prep for your next encounter by baking some banana bread...leave it on that table with a glass of milk too. When it comes, engage it in pleasant conversation...then ask for the next 6/49 numbers :)

happyd said...

so... what kind of things would you and your family see 'kuky'?

umm, i didn't see a jolly man in a red suite and white fur trim. i saw a towel like object... so i don't think that really works. although i will try that 6/49 thing.

Anonymous said...

Santa's not a KKK member...I don't think. Fine, leave out the milk.

I've always liked to believe that I'd engage a spectre in conversation rather than run away.

That reminds me, I better lock my linen closet

Anonymous said...

hahaha apparently it takes more than being translucent, ghostly, and etheral to impress you. lol! -psycho

Kuky said...

We would always see someone walking by in the area near our garage and family room. It looked like our uncle but he is still alive. It was really weird. There were many times where a family member would see who we thought was our uncle and we'd go look for him and there was no one there.

Another time I saw a shape in the den next to my bedroom as clear as day. I was headed to my bedroom which was on the second floor. The den is open to the stairs and when I turned towards my bedroom I saw it. I headed back downstairs looking at it the entire time. It was white and I could see it quite clearly in the darkened room. It wasn't quite person shaped but more like a person wearing a sheet shape. So you could sort of see the shape of the head and the rest of it was just a draped shape. Ok now I'm totally freaked out. Glad I'm not alone right now.

[The User] said...

I don't have any ghostly encounters to relate... I think I should be careful what I write.

I think if I did have an 'encounter', I'd run screaming, or if it happened while I was in bed I'd just throw the covers over my head, taking care to tuck my feet in as well. Childhood logic would save me. If I can't see it, it can't bother me.

happyd said...

yes! that's what i thought would happen to me too. i'd run screaming my head off and become hysterical, but the opposite happened.

kukorakin: that's VERY creepy, but like you i just stared at the object and i registered it as a ghost or something. i don't know, it's just very weird. i'm SO glad that my entity didn't take on the shape of a human though.... that would be too scary.

mr. soares: the entity wasn't a human form. it looked like a towel hanging or something.

psycho: the entity wasn't translucent. that was the other weird thing. to me it looked completely solid, opaque!