Friday, January 28, 2005

off to blue mountain (which my coworkers say is a hill compared to the mountains in YVR) for the weekend! i didn't bring my boarding gear (and i don't want to spend the extra $$ on a lift pass anyways...) so i'm going to read, draw and knit at the 'chalet'. no computer! will i make it through the weekend?

i finished 'the pilot's wife' and have passed it on to a bookclub member to read next. mr. wong was right. the book is very blah. it's written just like a stereotypical north american movie or tv drama. chapters end with one-liners or sharp peircing, 'don't fuck w/ me, b/c i'm a tough woman' comments. i could just see the scene fade to black at the end of each chapter. ah well, i joined the book club to read books that i would never read myself and this is one book i'll never pick up again. next up is mr. wong's 'the time traveller's wife'. it doesn't seem to be as cheeeeezy.


Myae said...

I hope you had a wonderful time up in the mountain.
did it remind of home?
I think the "international book trading" is an awesome idea.
*psst* you still have my micheal moore book. ;)

Anonymous said...

No more pictures of your trip to post? Or must I nag you first?

Anonymous said...

Yah, I have no idea how the Pilot's Wife made Oprah's book club...but then I'm not sure I've read a great Oprah's book selection(or if i should even be admitting to the fact that I have read some) Good Earth was good though! *Mr. Wong* =)

happyd said...

YAY! Look who is no longer a lurker :) Good Earth was an Oprah's bookclub pick?

I'm almost done 'Time Traveler's Wife' and I think I've peaked Andre's interest in the book as well, so he may read it too if you don't mind!