Thursday, January 20, 2005

windchill warning in effect

brrrrrr i don't think i'll ever get used to the cold in toronto. i hope that it stays a novelty for me - it's the only way i can survive these temps! the forecast tomorrow calls for a high of-17° but with the windchill factor it's supposed to feel like -27°. i'm sure it will get back up to 0° soon enough, but could you imagine living in -30°ish for the majority of the winter months? how do people in the prairies survive?

oh! i picked up my lomo photos from london today :) now comes the task of scanning them and posting them to flickr and (i know, i know, i've said this before) creating a flash photo album of them. unlike my goal of creating a flash photo album with my NYC pics, this time i have a definite purpose and reason to complete this goal ... i want to put this flash piece in my portfolio in preparation of a certain sumthin' sumthin'.

i hope b and psycho don't get too annoyed w/ my newbie flash questions~


Anonymous said...

Why get used to it, Mika? You can always come back :)

happyd said...

that's such a nice thing to say! so it couldn't possible be mr. soares ;P