Saturday, January 1, 2005

happy new 2005 :)

i'd like to endevour to post more this year (more concrete resolutions are being thought up as we speak).

i spent new years eve and day with new transplants to toronto (ops! i originally wrote YVR). we ate mochi (japanese pounded rice cakes) and karinto (deep dried batter covered in brown sugar) while longing to eat some osechi ryori (traditional japanese new year's dishes) ~

thank you to everybody who stopped by in 2004! i hope that you can fulfill everything you set out to do this year!


Astrochimp said...

the drawing i posted is called
the royal art lodge with michael dumontier, neil farber and marcel dzama
thought it captured the moment of the tsunami disaster from my point of view.

marcel dzama is a pretty cool artist from winnipeg. google him.

-you've got some great illustrations by the way. drawring is good for the mind.

happyd said...

royal art lodge rules! andre and i purchased a drawing by dzama (marcel not holly) from atelier 2 years ago. it's a chef that bakes eyeballs :) we also have a dzama limited edition plate!

the drawing was relatively cheap. we think that royal art lodge is trying to promote younger people to become art collectors in canada. at the show their art work was being sold well below what they would usually sell in the states. we could actually sell the painting and make a profit in the states.

astrochimp you are always so cool~

Anonymous said...

I'd like to endevour to nag you into posting more this year.

Do hope B is doing well and that you'll have lots of fun in Britannia :)

happyd said...

well mr. soares, i'll be posting so much you won't have time to nag b/c you'll be busy reading or looking (whichever the case may be)


Anonymous said...

I guess it is safe to assume that I'm the only person who nags you...or at least threatens to nag you. Whatever works! Hmm...oh yes, a photo scavenger hunt. Could you please take photos of:

1. Trafalgar Square...a mob of pigeons and you
2. You and a Bobby
3. St James...with you doing an impression of Mary Poppins
4. You doing a chalk drawing on some side street (you have to leave your mark, after all)
5. You at the Globe...

Of course these pics don't have to be just you... Happy hunting!