Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hello from london! and what a big hello it is too-

i'm here in the apple store typing on a heavenly 17" g4 ti-book, while gazing into a 21" flatscreen monitor, on reagent street close to oxford circus. middle-hashimoto and i have done so much in the short while that we have been here; however, today was our first day w/o the local tour guide 'b'.

we are both extremely tired but still have a list of things to go see before our short trip ends in 2 more days. this whirlwind trip is a little bit surreal but very much inspiring.

my head is spinning with too much excitement (i reached my beatle's valhalla today while on a walking tour of the beatle's london sites. i can't believe i walked the same abbey road cross walk that the fab 4 did almost 40 years ago, today!) and despite writing a lengthy journal every night, i can't seem to bring words together to create a post that is a worthy reflection of my experiences in london.

i'm working on it though!


Anonymous said...

Did you even see my photo scavenger hunt list???

Remember, pictures say a thousand words. Hope you, your sis, and B are doing fine and still having fun :)

happyd said...

yes of course i saw the scavenger hunt list, although i don't think i really fulfilled it. i can check off somethings though :)