Tuesday, January 25, 2005

wow! i won myself a supercapacity 2005 desktop calendar! YAY! i won by correctly guessing what this is.

alison (aka lala) of supercapacity is another designer/photographer/illustrator that i admire greatly. not only does she maintain a gajillion personal and community sites, she maintains a photoblog, has an impressive roster of freelance clients and she's bringing up a toddler. according to her blog she was offered and has accepted a job at taxi - wow.

another very cool canadian chick - floria sigismondi. her photos (which include portraits of marilyn manson & bjork) are saturated and amazing. she is also a director and directed the haunting sigur ros video and christina's 'fighter' video.

so, how do people do it? how do you get to the top of your industry while maintaining your 'style' and creative integrity? i want to know!


Astrochimp said...

whoa, where do u find all these cool sites! supercapacity has some really sweet ideas! community sites are so rad. perfect timing as i'm trying to come up with ideas for a class project.

happyd said...

i spend a LOT of time on the net. when i don't have the 'net i go through withdrawl.

i'm glad you like the links though~ it's nice to know that other ppl find things you think are cool to be cool as well.

so what are you taking?