Monday, January 24, 2005

i took another shot at the same location above which has a better composition, but both girls have long drawn faces from chewing and i thought i should get their consent before publishing ... nonetheless here are my bangers and mash!


there has been a heated discussion on contests for design work at airbag industries - a blog site for a designer in cali. he is in the hot seat for creating a contest where designers send in logos for his friend's startup accounting firm, at a chance to 'win' to have their design chosen as the company's logo. his contest has attracted so much debate that it even got a link from the aquent portal (which is where i originally found out about this).

it seems that a lot of designers find contests where businesses get free design work, devalue the design industry. hrm. some designers have also said that a decent company logo requires hours of research and legwork on the part of the designer and is worth more than prizes that are offered in contests. hmmm. other designers that have voiced their opinion think that doing free work for something that will generate revenue for the client is immoral business practice. true. either way, the debate is an interesting read and got me to read this article: when a "contest" isn't a contest. it brings up some really good points about how many designers get taken advantage of (which i have had many an experience of). but a debate within the community means that the design industry is alive and kicking, which is a good thing! w/o debates there is no growth.

i think this airbag industries contest is a pretty fair contest and if i can get around to it, i will participate. it will also exercise my brain, which never hurts. an ipod shuffle (which is part of the grand prize) doesn't hurt either.


Anonymous said...

ne-chan~ i really like your st. paul's cathedral photo. how did the others turn out? i took one on the millenium bridge but it was corrupted.. :(
oh well, my memory has many great shots!

Anonymous said...

i was just telling my friend that when i get my own place, it's gonna be so small that the living room is gonna double as my dining room too, which i was gonna have the dining room double as my coffee table. and the photo above is EXACTLY the coffee table i was intending to have. so you're probably thinking "hey what about your sofa? your dining room table's so low and the sofa will be so high up!" but you dont understand, i'll be so broke that throw-pillows will be my sofa! so it'll all work! -psycho

happyd said...

sounds like our old place... but psycho i think you're forgetting that you are writing to a nikkei person. a lot of my aunts and uncles in japan have coffee table height tables, that have 'zabuton' (a flat, big pillow that one sits on) around it and usually is accompanied by a couch.

if anyone ridicules your place, just say that they are ignorant :P

happyd said...

a lot of my shots are blurry, but i, too, have lots of great shots in my head :)

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt necessarily say ignorant... cos throw-pillows acting as zabutons and coffee tables acting as dining room tables arent quite common... especially in a house where the occupant isnt japanese ;)