Friday, November 12, 2010


throw my ball!

winter is definitely on it's way!

this little hound isn't scared of the cold, though. he revels in it because cool temps means he can play fetch for longer without getting overheated.

... and from the wise words of ross porter, "keep warm, stay cool and take care of the ones you love."

have a great weekend!


NewNeil said...

Ross Porter! Miss his After Hours show.

Puppy Jones said...

Hello Mr. Dukey! You are too cute! We will never forget your little howl! xxoo

happyd said...

ya~ me too

he's now the president of Toronto's, local jazz radio station and hosts a show on saturday mornings!

his voice is best suited for late nights, though. imho

happyd said...

Hi Hammy!!

Wish we could run through the woods together again!