Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i finally picked up my test roll from my now defunct fed 5b - wow! the photos came out quite sharp (click on the collage above to see bigger versions of the photos). i think i will be dropping off my camera at kominek, for repairs, after all!

after more research i learned that the models previous and after the fed5b had built-in light meters - which means the fed 5b was, sadly, ripped off. perhaps after the camera is repaired i will see if i can afford to trade or exchange my fed 5b with a fed 5c ...

things to remember for the next test roll:

  • buy a small, tiny notebook to take note of shutter speed and aperture combos for each shot i take
  • blow or clean the lens before shooting
  • until i buy a spot meter, use the sunny f16/cloudyf11 rule
  • cock the bloody shutter b/c attempting to change the speed dial - ha ha ha .... ouch


[The User] said...

I have a light meter I bought at a swap meet a while back but I haven't taken it out into the field yet. It's a pretty neat vintage one - made in Germany probably in the 60's or 70's.

I think you should pick one up like this to go along with your Fed 5b. That one's similar to mine.

Oh, wouldn't it be fun to go spot metering together :). I want someone I can go on an excursion with to geek out over toy cameras.

happyd said...

that is trés cool! i just hate having to carry around so many contraptions on a daily basis (cell, md player - yes i'm still using my md player from '98, camera, wallet, book)

when i'm back in YVR we should totally go walking around town w/ our cameras. i'm sure psycho would totally join us.

[The User] said...

Don't carry it with you all the time - just when you're out shooting with spotty russian cam.

Allright! camera excursion, I'm marking it on my calendar.