Wednesday, March 23, 2005

tonight was gayla trail's book launch for her new book and as you can see i got my copy signed by her!

i was all jittery with the excitement of meeting someone who's work i really, really admire. (let's just say i was star struck when i met the fluffco duo.) 'a' braved the snowy flurries (yes it's snowing here again) with me and walked over to the gladstone for the book launch party.

after a quick drink i purchased 'you grow girl' and lined up to get my book signed. i took peeks of the book at chapters over the weekend, but i didn't realize how nice and packed with information, projects, cool illustrations and lush photos this book was until i had my very own copy in my hands.

one project that 'a' and i want to tackle is composting for apartment dwellers. i also want to try to grow some geraniums (b/c they always smell so nice), but my dreams of growing tomatoes on the deck are dashed. sadly gayla states that you need 8 hours of bright light a day ... my deck is north facing so most of the time it won't get direct sunlight.


[The User] said...

mm.. so that's why that tomato plant I had on the windowsill of my south facing apt. actually produced something.

That's great that you went to her booklaunch. On Flickr I told her I wasn't much of a gardener but I'd be the first in line if she wrote a book on toy cameras (she did collaborate on one).

I hope your plant project works out.

Astrochimp said...

8 hours of daylight huh? sure you're trying to grow tomatoes out there? mia is this sri lankan londoner, i find her music very exotic.

flower87 said...

8 hrs of light? :( Even cherry tomatos?
My new place will be facing north as well.... che.. watashi mo tomato's grow dekinai na... :(
Flickr isn't local anymore.

happyd said...

ya~ i think, sadly we can't grow tomatoes flower. neil you are lucky!

astro: i read some interviews of MIA ... i should see i if i can 'acquire' some of her music to see what it's like.