Monday, March 28, 2005

at the you grow girl book launch party, 'a' picked up a pot with mystery seeds planted in them! there was a table set up with DIY scoops, pots, soil and mystery seeds. there were also pre-made pots with seeds planted in them. the pots were decorated with 'YGG' stickers. it was really cute and such a nice, thoughtful touch.

as per instructions i've been watering the pot from the bottom but nothing is happening yet. i've been looking into the pot everyday anxiously waiting. so much so that i'm starting to feel like a gardening-hypochondriac: hey, is that some fungus growing? is that the remains of a snail? oh no, what if that snail ate the mystery seeds?

in related news, over the weekend the neo-con, er national post did a book review and interview on 'you grow girl' and gayla. 'a' said that the article predicts that 'you grow girl' is poised to be a best seller, catering to a younger, gardening audience who is more socially and environmentally conscious.


Anonymous said...

I hope whatever it happens to be turns out to be legal

happyd said...

now that you mention it, i don't! i'd love to bring in extra $$ on the side.

although i'd probably have to end up investing in hydroponics and that would definitely offset any profits i could make, unless i make it a huuge operation.