Tuesday, March 1, 2005

today i held gold medals from the atlanta and barcelona olympics in my hand! holy crap those things are heavy. at the last minute yesterday i was asked to join a table for one of our fundraising breakfast events. marnie mcbean was the keynote speaker (she is absolutely hilarious, she could do stand-up) and she brought 2 of her 3 medals. with tracy wilson and rod black as the MCs, she did a bit of back and forth witty banter poking fun mostly at tracy.

after the event my co-workers and i went up to marnie mcbean to meet her. when i thanked her for coming out and speaking at our event she told us that she used to be heavily involved with kids help phone and missed doing things for us!

i didn't realize that i was staring intently at the medals until marnie said, "you can always tell when someone wants to hold the medals." she quickly imitated me shifting my weight back and forth slightly tip-toed, trying to get a better look at the medals before handing them to me.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad that your work brings you in contact with such interesting people!

I wouldn't be surprised if you went after a medal of your own ;)

happyd said...

WOAH!!!!! now that's a compliment if i ever heard one!

thank you~ but i'm not very athletically inclined... although i do get quite competive when participating semi-sporty activities.

flower87 said...

i would be one of those people who would want to hold the medals too!

"although i did imagine people whispering their sorrows into these bubbles and sinking them away ..." Sugoi na~ I wish i could be so creative! I really love your illustrations. The drowning sorrow is so sad, yet everything around it is alive and hopeful!