Tuesday, March 15, 2005

it is exactly 27 days until my 27th birthday, so to commemorate this day (aside from throwing myself a party, which will hopefully annoy our anal neighbour) i am going to endeavour to post something everyday for the next 27 days.


so i guess i wasn't treading carefully enough. i broke my fed5b! the damn camera didn't come w/ an english manual, only a russian one. when i looked online for instructions, people wrote 'cock the shutter before adjusting the shutter speed'. i assumed that cocking the shutter meant pushing down on the shutter halfway. so i loaded up some film for some testing and for a while the shutter speed dial was moving around (somewhat). but now the shutter speed dial doesn't budge, although it still rotates as the film advances ... because as i found out last night, while desperately trying to find any information on the stubborn shutter speed dial,'cock the shutter before adjusting the shutter speed' means advancing the film. ... okay

i feel like a photography retard but i want to give this russian camera another chance (and also improve my manual photography skills) so i'll take it into a camera specialty store tomorrow and see if they can fix my newly immigrated camera - which was sadly abused by an ignorant native, north american.


[The User] said...

Hey, can't wait to see what results you get with this tempermental new camera of yours. I've got all the bits for my holgaroid but haven't set the thing up yet; I hope I have more luck than you.

My bday is coming up next week! Going to Bo Kong for dinner and then the 5 point for drinkies..


Anonymous said...

How about 2727 days in a row? :)

As for your camera, everything Russian has gone downhill since the fall of Communism. :)

27? It's not so bad..not as good as 26, mind ;)

Anonymous the Elder

Anonymous said...

dont worry, it's a russian camera. it's practically standard stipulation that ppl break at least 3 to meet the required quota. cmon, you havent broken your lomo yet????

Anonymous said...


bianca said...

heeeeyyyyy, NICE focus job on the pic. i can never work out the focus on my lomo :( i must be a very poor judge of distance. good luck with your new camera!

mary said...

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happyd said...

i've dropped my holga with no damage! but i'm sure that if i ever drop this fed 5, i will have major damage ..

mr. anonymous, what made 26 better than 27?


psycho - NO! thank god my lomo hasn't broken yet and i inted to keep it this way, but thanks for making me feel less of a photography retard!!


bianca: you can't get this close to a subject w/ our delightful lomos (the closest you an get is 0.8m) but i think if you use a magnifying glass or a loupe you can make a poor man's macro lens!