Friday, March 18, 2005

happy st. patrick's day! well it still is for me b/c i haven't gone to sleep yet. i've found two friends who love to groove on the dance floor to disco - like me they both wear flat shoes to the club. one friend comes to toronto from montreal and the other comes to toronto from london, but i met her in vancouver.

two liquid accomplishments:

  • i drank 1 full can of red bull (1/2 of it was part of a red bull martini)
  • i was able to take a tequila shot w/o barfing or gagging
after all the caffeine i'll be ingesting tomorrow, i think i should look into a detox/cleanse?


Anonymous said...

I've never had Red Bull...and you're right, tequilla is nasty.

Don't you work today?!?

happyd said...

yep had to go to work and it was brutal- but it was still totally worth it. thursday night was a fashion show w/ dj andre yeu spinning, then off to a pub for st. paddy's day festivities and then to go see DIMITRI from paris. aaaah t'was a good night.