Friday, March 25, 2005


Originally uploaded by happy d.

i'm posting this entry directly from flickr (even this short writeup)! how cool is that? kinda late, but illo friday changed up the due dates so that the new weekly topic can be worked on over the weekend and submissions have to be in before friday morning.

don't laugh at my bicycle ... man they are hard to draw!


Anonymous said...

Are her elbows pointing out in the correct direction?

Braidwood said...

Fun picture- it feels very springy!

papunella said...

I really like your pic! The colours you have choosen are so pleasant for the eyes. Bikes are really very, very hard to draw, and I think yours turned out truly fine. Besides you also managed it to add a driver. And this is even more difficult, I guess.

Leslie said...

I like the movement in your illustration -- like she's breezing through to spring.

Great job. :)

(So sorry if my comments posted twice).

happyd said...

thanks guys!!!

and ya i didn't draw the 'anatomy' of the bike properly and thus having to have the girl's ebows right next to her body, instead of having them hang in a relaxed manner. thanks for the observation!

i need more practice w/ bikes... and drawing people riding them.