Monday, April 4, 2005

yesterday i stood in line in the flurries (ya, it was snowing again in toronto. so what else it new?) for almost 2 hours, just so that i could sign up to get a free shuffle - just the 512Mb one, but still it's free!

dim (a lingerie company) was doing a promotion in conjunction with the bay. they were only going to be giving away 120 shuffles at each location across canada, so i went early to try to camp out at the spot that the 'street spotters' would be. according to some of the people in the lineup ahead of me, the 4 guys at the very front of the lineup came at 6am with bras in hand, to ensure they would receive their shuffles. i definitely would not spend 8 hours of my life for a free $120 cdn product... would you? i think i would just purchase it.

so my 512Mb shuffle should be in my hands in 6-8 weeks. yippy!


Anonymous said...

not in the cold.. but yay! you've got yourself an mp3 player! i bought the creative muvo (512MB mp3 player for $110) -psycho

happyd said...

what happened to the pimpin' ipod?