Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the user01 (aka neil) bestowed upon me a flickr pro account! 2gb of image uploads a month. i don't think i have that many photos to begin with! perhaps i'll start uploading my old stuff from 2004. i think i need a dSLR.


[The User] said...

I've got my eye on canon's new digital rebel .

Anonymous said...

His stance was harsh, his opinion delievered in a "holier than thou, I know everything" kind of way...that made him a "creep".

I'm afraid I don't put so much thinking into giving money out...It's really a split second reaction more than a thought out process. Somebody asks for money...ok, why not. That's about all there is to it for me. There isn't the idea of "I hope they use it for food...or I hope they don't spend it on drugs or booze". It's you want it, here OR No, not this time.

What they do with it is their affair. Que sera sera, karma is karma.

happyd said...

aaaah, now wonder the current d-rebels are going on 'sale'.

um, when is it my turn to win the lottery?

a: so if karma is karma, then that means that if that persons does use the money that you gave him/her for a hit, or to buy food that they shouldn't be eating and dies it's going to come back to you!?!?!