Monday, April 4, 2005

thanks b!!!!


Anonymous said...

So wait...does this mean that your blog isn't closed?

bianca said...

YAY it arrived! compliments the dodgy russian guy at camden market who acts like he can't be bothered with your business -- "dahling, dat's de only chain i have. dahling i am very beezy, do you want or no?"

happyd said...

um ya ... i've posting ever since april first (aka april fool's day). do you still not get it?

- - -

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i think the chain is quite nice b :) thanks for going all the way up to camden~

ellinda said...

hi ya!
i got a necklace from the same guy in camden. in fact, i told b about him. i have such an unusual name so it was so nice to finally have my name on something other than legal documents.