Monday, April 11, 2005

why do people let jealousy get the better of them? jealousy over relationship issues is harder to control, but a lot of people get jealous over material possessions. it's such an awful feeling and always ends up being counter-productive. nothing ever good comes from feeling jealous so, why let it happen?

it's usually the same people that get jealous over petty material things that seem to be the 'oh, woe is me. i have so much drama in my life, which i've inevitably created for myself just so that i can have drama in my life,' people. please. get over yourself.

which means i have to get over myself ... b/c i'm jealous of the people that live in 'habitat 67'. i want to live there, man!

photo taken last year, during my bday trip to montréal.


bianca said...

here here!!

i always find that people who have been through real life stuff -- anything from alcoholism to family dying of cancer, all that heavy stuff -- are the ones who don't sweat it over the little things because just getting through every day becomes an accomplishment.

the older i get, the more i hear about really tragic life stories, but all from people who have survived. i learn about friends and acquaintances who have been going through depression for years and years and they are often the last ones i would have ever suspected of having any problems because they are always the last to mention anything.

at the same time, being around people who create their own drama is quite hilarious. i mean, you really DO just have to laugh. the drama people are easy peasy. in small doses. ;)

[The User] said...

Great words of wisdom Hyedie, especially the last bit about creating drama for its own sake. Our egos thrive on that kind of stuff.

I think jealousy mainly stems from low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence. The more jealously someone feels the less secure they are with who they are.

Anonymous said...

What Bianca said is so true. After going through a traumatic experience, a lot of things seem trivial to me now. Perhaps so much so that it is hard to take anything seriously.

happyd said...

i shouldn't be so judgemental but when i forget to charge my portable music, i more often than not overhear adults talk on their cellphones on the TTC. a lot of these people are into the whole 'he said, she said, omg, i can't believe that she said that about me ... i'm going to be saying this to this person the next time i see him/her. it's not right, she's not right, i'm so stressed, people don't understand, i don't know how to make decisions, i'm too busy,' blah blah blah.

i also think that jealousy perhaps comes from our consumer driven society. people are brain washed into buying the lastest and greatest ... so even though they may be confident people, marketing and advertising makes them think that they need more material goods - and that's where jealousy stems from as well.