Thursday, April 28, 2005

tonight 'a' and i went to see a documentary that his co-worker and her husband created - 'el pueblo unido'. it is a very low budget doc about war torn el salvador trying to rebuild itself. we watched the shortened 1 hr version, but the full length 100 min version showed to a sold out crowd at the montreal film festival a few weeks back. unfortunately they ran out of money before they could really finish up the short version of this doc (rough cuts and some mis-matched audio bits), but it's the message not the presentation, right?

the documentary was very educational for me, a westerner living a life of ignorant, luxurious, arrogant bliss. and despite the moving documentary, what really got me was when both the producer of the film and a representative of salvaide thanked the audience for coming out to watch the documentary, despite our very busy schedules.

busy schedules? busy with what? busy with all the tv shows like the apprentice and amazing race that we just can't miss (ok for me it would be making sure i don't miss certain blog entries in certain sites, since i've never watched either of the aformentioned shows)? busy with our jobs that we work at just so we can get a raise so we can buy nicer material goods?

no. we should have been thanking them. thanking them for taking us out of our pseudo-busy schedules to make us aware of things outside our world. thanking them for spending their time and money to share stories of atrocities, triumph, sadness and tenacity. thank you so much.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like Enlightment

BTW, Amazing Race is a great show :-)