Sunday, April 17, 2005

i just discovered the amazing online portfolio of artist ray caesar - his eerily dark, yet colourful paintings are almost a tim burton meets jacques-louis david acquainted with hr giger. his site is my new online obsession.

he grew up in toronto and apparently he's a dog.


just to recap, my little 27 days of posting until my 27th birthday project didn't quite work out. i missed 2 days out of the 27. close though! maybe i'll make this my year of 27 - what should my next project be? drawing everyday for the next 27 days? taking a photo everyday for the next 27 days? hmmmm ...


[The User] said...

If you have access to a digicam you could post a photo a day to flickr for 27 days.

Or you could do something like 27 days without TV.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you have a TV...still.

Do 27 things you've never done before... They don't have to be outrageous things either. But knowing you, the list will probably be difficult to make 'cause you do so much!

bianca said...

a little bit frida khalo (the sort of frozen, full on poses) and magritte, too, perhaps.

27 days of sketching once a day. i'll do it if you do it ;)

happyd said...

yes it's been 1 year and 4 months since 'a' and i have cut ourselves from cable. we don't even own a tv - thankfully our new place has a theatre room so that we can watch DVDs.

posting a photo a day to flickr would be totally cool. ok that's going to be my 3rd project for my year of 27s.

b, let's do it!! ... can we start on may 1st? with the bell walk for kids help phone and some other stuff i'm going to be a little busy until that date.