Saturday, April 9, 2005

during my working hours i usually tune into kcrw an npr/pri radio station based in santa monica. i can get caught up on fairly non-partisan us national and international news, listen to interesting in-depth soft news pieces, curious debates (my favourite to date was an environmentalist pitched against the president of the 'suv owners of america') and hear about all the musical (usually more indie) acts that play around l.a.

although i like a lot of the programming on kcrw, my most favourite show is 'morning becomes eclectic. aside from the news breaks, it's 3 hours of politics free music that ranges from indie rock to jazz to house to hiphop.

on tuesday i was lucky enough to catch jorge drexler perform live in the kcrw studio. so lucky! the interview touched on drexler's biographical background, his music and also his snub at the oscar's. his speaking voice is just as soft, warm and lyrical as his singing voice - i was shocked when he said that he is 40, he sounds so young!

if you have itunes, kcrw can be accessed under 'public' and click on the simulcast version. morning becomes eclectic is on from 9-12pm PST.

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happyd said...

oh awesome links! these are great. thank you so much!

i especially liked the blog article.... i hear that exact same voice recognizing the foundations funding NPR almost everyday!

hehehe i think we should say... radio is in the 'net. :)