Tuesday, March 4, 2008

yvr flora

signs of spring

urban rainforest

signs of spring II

alas my time in my hometown is coming to a close. i feel like i did quite a lot of things, however, despite being here for a month, i didn't get to see everybody i wanted to see or go to all the places that i wanted to.

i can't bear the thought of leaving vancouver, but i also miss my life in toronto. how do people who leave their hometowns deal with good-byes?

.... so i guess i will have to feel guilty for polluting the air by flying trans-canada, so that i don't have to deal with good-byes. thanks to freelancing i hope to be back really soon.

vancouver report - part i:
it was so nice to be whisked away to spring time while i was here. i'm really glad i explored the side streets to discover urban plant life. so. beautiful.


Dave said...

Great pics, Hyedie. You are so talented!

happyd said...

You are so kind!