Thursday, February 14, 2008

feb in vancouver

i am here on the westcoast and my life has been all about work and dogs. which isn't a bad thing - there are so many lush parks and the seasonal temperatures are absolutely spring like, especially compared to the snow storms that toronto is experiencing right now! **please note i am only wearing a hoodie and not a down-filled coat**

duke and i flew over for a break from toronto life and to also keep cooper company while his parents are in hong kong. the two beagles became fast friends and on walks, they love sniffing the same things and sometimes walk together side by side. too cute!

hopefully i can finish up a bunch of my work so that i can see my friends next week and romp around old haunts with my family. the forecast calls for a lot of sunny days. yippy!

i'm finally reading the curious incident of the dog in the night time - see it's all about dogs in my life right now!


illustrationist said...

Uh, no, don't read Curious Incident to fill your dog quota. You reeeeally don't want to do that. Many other good reasons, but not for the dog one. did Duke take the flight?

happyd said...

Yes, it actually decreased my quota!!

so... what are the other good reasons for not reading 'curious incident..'? is it bad that i thought it was good and cried a bit?

duke did well on the flight! no accidents or vomit :) hopefully he'll do just as well when we fly back on thursday.

illustrationist said...

Sorry, bad writing on my part, I meant there are many good reasons *in favour* of reading it, just not the dog one. It's a great book!

I suspect Photon is not nearly the world traveller the Duke is. She'd be a quivering mass of jelly-dog. Well done Duke!

illustrationist said...
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happyd said...

Oh, I'm glad :)

Actually Duke becomes a panting, jelly-dog as well :(