Thursday, March 13, 2008

yvr friends

me and bee

old friends

vancouver report - part iii:
i was so lucky to be able to spend such a long time in vancouver. this allowed me to see many of my friends on numerous occasions. ... and a big 'sorry' to my friends where our schedules just didn't mesh together.

  • reminiscing of our beatle crazed, skipping-class-to-try-to-learn-guitar high school days while watching 'across the universe'
  • laughing about pretentious art school profs and crazy classmates
  • late night munching at a poutine specialty shop
  • candlelight yoga instructed by my friend
  • meeting andy and jen's baby
  • whistler - both b and i buying brownies to share with each other at the same time
  • getting to know dom a bit more
  • overall laughing, hooting and giggling
more proof that i'm getting old. i really, really enjoy laughing and reminiscing about old times. eeek!

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glockgal said...

Ahahaha, it was totally tons of fun. We are getting old! 30 in not very long! Still planning to have the big birthday bash?