Friday, November 28, 2008

poladroid and other camera treats


a while back i thought i scored when i purchased a used polaroid camera (along with me la-camera) at a garage sale. then a couple of weeks ago i came across another garage sale where there was a huge stack of the coveted polaroid 600 film.

sadly, the polaroid camera was a dud and now i have 10 boxes of the expired 600 film. but who needs the not-in-production 600 film, when you can create poladroids.

like real polaroids the poladroid program takes a while to turn your regular photos into "poladroids", you can shake your "poladroid" and like a package of 600 film, you can only create 10 shots. plus you are left with no plastic and metal waste! make your own at!

i also purchased a set of close up filters, since i can't afford a macro lens ... yet. it's been fun experimenting with them, though!


[The User] said...

Cool! Poladriod looks neat. I'll definitely try it out and a nice change to see mac only :)

kosenrufu mama said...

thank you for the advise....

Sami Lama said...

Polaroid looks interesting. Downloading it tonight to try out on all my Owen pictures! Thanks for the link. Have fun with your macro filters - macro photog is fun.