Monday, November 17, 2008



i bought this lomo lc-a wanna-be craptastic plastic camera at a garage sale a while ago and finally put in a roll of 100ISO 35 mm film (inspired by b's lomo photos). the funny thing about this camera is that there is no focussing ring or knobs! and it's so badly made that the film advance wheel barely turns. when trying to get to the next frame, i have to press with so much force that my thumb ends up hurting!

hope the photos will be interesting, or at least flickr worthy!

on another note, elmo is back with us. his trial adoptive parents returned him to us in three days, saying one thing during our interview with them and but saying the complete opposite when trying to convince themselves that they were doing elmo a favour by returning him. going into the details will just enrage me again. the whole situation was shocking to say the least.

in the end, after all we've found out about them, i'm glad that he's not with them anymore. elmo deserves much better parents.

i think andre sums it up nicely here.

to somewhat restore my faith in humanity, i'm going to listen to a collection of this american life favourites, which I discovered listening to kcrw.


Peter Cook said...

The rest are great, but the This American Life episodes "The Giant Pool of Money" and "Act V" are both stunners!

Sami Lama said...

As you say, Elmo is much better off not being with those people. Many people think that they can have all the benefits of a great pet without doing any work. The reality is that anything worth enjoying in life requires effort sometimes more sometimes less but effort nonetheless.

We put a lot of time and effort into training Loki but also spending time with her so that she can interact well in society (both human and animal).

I wish people would think things through a little more. Anyways, I hope Elmo is doing okay!

happyd said...

peter: stunners eh?? will definitely get to those episodes asap! wonder if they'll make me teary, like the others?

sam: i think all my friends with dogs agree that behind every 'good dog' is a lot of time and training.

you would not believe. the evening he came back, andre and i were like, his belly looks really bloated and he doesn't have his hour glass shape anymore. lo and behold, his poo the next day was double what it usually is. SIGH

so a definite yes. so much better he isn't with them :)

Anonymous said...

That list that Andre came up with...I doubt that some people with kids are willing to do all those things!!!

bianca said...

wwwhhhhaaaat. that's so bad. elmo's so lovely! such a sweet demeanor. he deserves much better parents than those two!

i wish i could take him home....!