Sunday, November 9, 2008


i never got around to posting these photos, from nearly a year ago -- a surprise holiday that D planned to the south coast of spain.

things i remember:
  • food poisoning the night before we left london, resulting in stomach troubles over several days and not being able to enjoy tapas or wine
  • gorgeous warm sunny weather in malaga in the middle of november. orange trees line the streets, as common as maple trees in canada. D reaching up and picking an orange as we walked through a park
  • the unbelievable alhambra. finding the most quiet and peaceful corners devoid of tourists. freezing cold as the palace sits on a mountain (well, hill) and we were dressed for malaga beach weather. everyone else was in fleece
  • the shops always closed (when do people work?)
  • the hot chocolate aisle in the supermarket, when finally we got there while it was open
  • the adorable nara exhibition at the centro de arte contemporaneo
  • the pablo picasso museum (he was born in malaga), all stone and courtyards
  • the campers sleeping through midday on the grass where the river would normally run during rainy season
  • all the wedding dress shops in old town
  • families out with their kids and babies late on friday nights (the kids are happy to be out late after having an afternoon siesta!)

hopefully i'll get my nyc / TO pics up with a bit more speed....!

the alhambra in grenada



happyd said...

wow gorgeous photos!!!

and your trip to spain was a surprise?

how utterly romantic :)

Karl said...

uncanny, i was in barcelona the day you posted these pics. amazing photos with your lomo.