Sunday, November 9, 2008

bittersweet night

a very handsome beagle


tonight is elmo's last night with us before he leaves to go on his trial adoption tomorrow.

i'm so happy that he will be going to a home where he will be loved and where the new parents did a lot of research on beagles. but i'm also very sad that i won't be able to cuddle with him while i'm reading on the couch, or watch him wrestle or snuggle with duke. i know it's selfish, but i was so happy when the agency decided that the best applicant for elmo's new home was a couple that lives close by. hopefully we'll be able to see him at the parks from time to time.

bye elmo. you will always have a special place in our hearts, especially since you were the first dog we fostered.

sorry for pushing your new post down b


Sami Lama said...

Very cute pic of Duke and Elmo snoozing! I am sure you will miss Elmo very much.

Anonymous said... why is he back?