Thursday, November 20, 2008

net neutrality compromised

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as i always seem to mention i am an internet junkie. so it is with sadness that i share that the crtc is allowing internet service providers (specifically bell in this case) to 'manage' or shape internet traffic by slowing down access to sites they don't approve of.

for those of you who don't know, the CRTC has been approached by the canadian association of internet providers’ (CAIP) to stop ISPs from 'managing' traffic, or throttling traffic. meaning the CAIP wants to keep the internet neutral. currently for the most part, we have free reign over the internet, being able to surf anything we want and for the most part post and comment on any website we wish.

providers like bell (and it seems like other ISPs in the states), however, are already managing traffic to peer 2 peer sites and video sharing sites. (check here for more info on a real canadian net access throttling case.)

what bothers me the most about traffic shaping is the control that ISPs have over free information that has created a lot of great communities, fostered innovation in sharing of both intellectual and physical things and most importantly free speech.

if you feel strongly about this, you can make your voice heard! you can sign some online petitions here and here.

i'm also going to contact my MP to try to garner more attention to keep our internet neutral.

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Sami Lama said...

The news of the CRTC decision was very discouraging to me also. Net neutrality is the only way to equalize the Internet and avoid having any one region or corporate interests outweigh the benefits a free and open internet provides to society.

Bell and Rogers continue to act like the greedy and socially irresponsible companies they are with these actions. I just we had more choice in Canada.

The CRTC is really a useless organization. They don't know whether they are coming or going and are really out of touch with the shifting technology and Canadian society.

I signed the petition. Thanks Hyedie!