Tuesday, May 17, 2005

my shuffle uffle arrived yesterday (from the 'bring me a dim bra' promotion, which i mentioned earlier was a little dumb) but nonetheless got me a new shuffle. i've made an initial fill up with songs that i have on this computer but i still have a little more than 300mb free. i don't know how people fill up 40gb worth of stuff.

i do have some issues with this product (i can't adjust the eq, no display, etc.) but hey! it was free, so i can't really complain about it.

good bye trusty old md. perhaps you knew you had fulfilled your purpose in my life, since you were starting to get sketchy when playing music. you were a good friend, though, and accompanied me on many trips abroad and helped me drown out annoying conversations that people have on public transit.


[The User] said...

40gb!? There are only 2 models of shuffle the 512mb and the 1gb.

I love the size and weight of the shuffle, it really can sit in my pocket and I don't even notice it.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to move on from my discman... me caveman, eh?

Astrochimp said...

hey is this promo still available? hook me up!

[The User] said...

ha.. i mis-read your post originally.. so ignore the first part.