Friday, May 27, 2005


Originally uploaded by happy d.

illustration friday: aquatic

lalala~ tomorrow is friday and i now get summer hours at work! if you opt for summer hours, you work at extra 30 minutes everyday and not take lunch on friday but get to leave at 1pm on friday! lalala~


moki said...

Adorable! I want a hat like that jelly fish! :)

Anonymous said...

So if the one on the left is you, who is the elf next to you?

kir said...

really cute illo ^^ mmm so you are the one on the right and who is the elf on the left? ^^

My illo

Amy said...

Ah! I really like this. The coloring and perspective are great!

flower87 said...

oo! kore iine! kawaii yo!

yes.. it is "sick" funny isn't it! I like especially like the last line! haha!

happyd said...

:) everybody is so nice :)

this illo is based on a sketch i did last year. it is supposed to be 'b' and i - but our 'dos have changed drastically since then.

the elfin ears were totally an oversight and a bad rendering on my part. there weren't supposed to be any elves!

happyd said...