Thursday, May 5, 2005

aaah nice evening. i hosted a book club meeting tonight and although yesterday i was scrambling around cooking and prepping all the while cleaning the loft w/ 'a', the whole event went very smoothly! so, today i picked up some wine (red masi wine is easy on the wallet and nice and fruity and sweet) and welcomed my book club members to my humble abode.

it was a great evening, discussing our book, gossiping, bitching, eating and drinking. wine, food and great convos, i feel like such an adult! and i'm proud to say that all the prepping last night paid off and my choice of serving veggie lasagna worked too. i could spend time w/ my book club members while the dish baked in the oven - along with some garlic bread (i'll share my recipe, like b did today, when i'm a bit more sober).

so how am i going to end this relaxing evening? with some left over white wine, listening to feist and smoke and miho and colouring my illo friday. i'm all smiles.

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bianca said...

sounds like such a LOVELY evening! i must stop by TO sometime...