Monday, May 2, 2005

although my 1 year anniversary for my life in toronto was on january 9th, it wasn't until at the bell walk for kids help phone yesterday, walking the same 10km route that i walked last year, that it dawned on me - i'm starting my 2nd annual cycle of events in toronto.

i realized that annual events like the contact photography festival, taste of the danforth, the outdoor art exhibition, the beaches jazz festival and celebrate toronto will all feel a lot more familiar and a lot less new and fresh. making me feel more like a citizen of this city and less like a tourist. and just like the way the symphony of fire or the powell street festival in vancouver brings back specific and happy memories, hopefully soon these toronto festivals will trigger similar nostalgia.

ps - thank you to everybody to pledged me (again) this year! we were able to beat our national goal of $2 million by $100,000. thank you so much for your support.


Anonymous said...

So, m'dear, when do I get photo evidence of your walk? :-p

Anonymous said...

That's for the pics...though none of them are actually of you walking :-p