Monday, November 22, 2004

yay! we did it! our loft is finally clean! aside from the things that were shoved into the storage space under the stairs we've found homes for all our belongings and we only have to put a mirror up in our upstairs bathroom. being in a space that doesn't have open boxes and piles of recycling on the floor really transformed my mood. it finally feels like my place and i have ownership of it.

we welcomed a's sister and her fiancé over as our first official dinner guests as a thank you for helping us move. a made his 'ernie' steaks (which were savoury) and i made mashed butternut squash and roasted veggies (really simple and after chatting w/ ernie i think i'll try olive oil drenched whole garlic cloves within their skin instead of mincing them next time). a's sister brought 'home sweet home' cupcakes from a cupcake store that uses the exact same colour scheme as 'cupcakes' on denman. the toronto cupcake shoppe, however, uses real butter icing. mmmmmm

so.. i've joined a book club! the group is mostly comprised of girls. there is only a small number of us and we had our first meeting on friday. it was really cool to be with a group of people who've read so much and love to read but aren't overly intellectual about it. during our meet up we decided on how and at what intervals we'll have our meetings and most importantly chose the first 6 books we'll be reading. since we're going to be meeting every 6 weeks we are set for the next 9 months!

unbeknownst to me all book clubs have a name. as a pun on my coworker/friend's name, i shouted out, 'the joy of reading' - the name stuck.

here's our booklist:

  • the cave - jose saramago
  • the pilot's wife - anita shreve
  • brave new world - aldous huxley (this was my pick that was drawn!)
  • body artist - don delillo (i read his 'end zone' and didn't enjoy it. hopefully this one will be better)
  • anil's ghost - michael ondaatje
  • unless - carol shields
my other pick that i put into the draw was no crystal stair another can-con book which has been short-listed for cbc's 2005 canada reads (thanks to my other coworker who's part of our club for tipping me off on this cool list).


[The User] said...

Oh cool, a book club! That's great. I like the reading list. I haven't read any Saramago or Ondaatje yet but they're on my list. Huxeley's book is wonderful of course. You should also read Orwell's 1984 and then go get a book called 'Amusing Ourselves to Death' by Neil Postman. Just the foreward alone from this book blew me away. Read it here:

PS: the book I'm reading that I said I might recommend to you is 'The Left Hand of Darkness' by Ursula Le Guin.

Anonymous said...

Between working, taking photos, and your drape making business, how do you find the time to join a book club?

:) Such an interesting individual

bianca said...

hyedie is the modern-day renaissance woman. her super powers include making delicious granola, changing a tire at the speed of light, making sure A gets to work on time ("7.45!! 7.50!! 8.05!! WHAT, you're going to have coffee NOW??"), dancing till dawn, knitting-drawing-painting-silkscreening-sewing, and lifting heavy objects in heels. joining a book club? that goes without saying ;)