Monday, November 15, 2004

did a lot of things this weekend including learning how to knit 'continental' style (aka 'euro-style'), purl, increase and yarnover, going to see matt and ben and going to a silly top 40 club for my friend's birthday party.

sadly i came to the realization that i've spent my last 4 weekends working on the curtains for our large windows. 4 weekends! that's a month! the saddest part, though, is that when i went to put my finished curtains for our upstairs windows the curtains ended up being 15 cm too short. they look so ugly and cheap, even though b/c these were the 2nd set of curtains i sewed the workmanship was better. now i don't even want to look at my sewing machine. i'm a failed seamstress.

acutally no i'm not. i blame the guy who sold me the fabric. he said if i added an extra 2" onto my measurements it should account for shrinkage, since i wouldn't be able to prewash the 88' for fabric before cutting it. so i cut the fab before washing it adding a good 2" to each section and it still came out too short. it's all that guy's fault. i'm a good sewer dammit!

i'm finding all these really cool girls online (:

  • loobylu is an illustrator from down-under and she's into knitting as well!
  • the chapin sisters please go to 'listen' and listen to 'toxic'. it's a must.
  • she is only 19, makes cool stuff and is a news editor for design is kinky


i finally purchased a USB wacom tablet!!! YAY! i'm back.


Myae said...

wow, all those links are so cool!

It makes you more motivated to succeed doesn't it?

and good luck with the knitting!
present kitai shiteruyo

Anonymous said...

oo~ i like the pin cushion picture! Kawaii!
too bad about the curtains!

Anonymous said...

Come now, Martha Hashimoto, I can't believe the curtains are all that bad...though I am curious as to why you haven't posted a photo of them. Hmmm :)

Could you knit me some fashionable Torotoish Winter wear? You know the sort of thing that covers the entire face...the sort of thing bank robbers wear (It might as well be dual purpose, yes?)