Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ever since i discovered loobylu i can't stop reading her blog. i usually go through bouts of bloggie obsessions but this time the obsession is like none other. i've read every single loobylu entry since 2002.

the original attraction of this site was her wonderful illustrations - which are very cute but sophisticated with shadowing and textile-ish patterns and textures. i was also very much intrigued with her craft and knitting projects, of which she is extremely prolific for a mother of a toddler and a freelance illustrator. but now, after reading all her blogs from 2002 - 2004, i've delved into the archives of her archives. i went to the very first entry of loobylu.

to my surprise the loobylu of 1999 cursed in her blogs and each post had a scattering of disparate ideas jumbled into an entry (much like me!). to further my surprise, loobylu of 1999 was trying out freelancing and finding it extremely difficult (much like me of 2003). during this time she also had to come to terms w/ the failure of a start up ... hmmmmm. also, the illustrating style of the loobylu of 1999 wasn't as sophisticated as it is now (there's hope for me yet!).

i'm glad that there is still 2000 - 2002 to read. hopefully i can get some insight into how she became a successfull illustrator, who can purchase print goccos, fabric, yarn and blythe dolls without much hesitation. either way loobylu is very inspiring and infuses a lot of hope into me! can't... stop... reading.....


wondering what these sketches in this post are? they are a preview of the 2004 happy d xmas card! if you want one, send me an email with your snail mail address and i will be happy to oblige.

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